Thursday, May 21, 2015

January to May Stitch from Stash Update

Hello Friends!

I have been reporting via email since there has not been any spending happening since January but I wanted to post an update to get me back on track.  I'll start with this month since I have something to report now that my mojo has finally made a return!

Month:  May 2015
Spent:  $ 14.00 (Fabric & DMC)
Earned:  $ 0
Total Budget:  $ 111.00

Fabric for Coral Charms and DMC

Month:  April 2015
Spent:  0
Earned:  0
Total Budget:  $100.00

Month:  March 2015
Spent:  0
Earned:  0
Total Budget:  $75.00

Month:  February 2015
Spent:  0
Earned:  0
Total Budget:  $50.00

Month:  January 2015
Spent:  0
Earned:  0
Total Budget:  $25.00

I am debating over what to purchase in June with my remaining balance.  If we don't use it by the end of the month then we "loose" it.  I can't let that happen!

I've had my eye on a few things............

Nora Corbett "Sea Flora"

Joan Elliott "Canadian Beauty"

Nora Corbett "Ana"

Blue Ribbon Designs "Halloween With A Y"

LK "Flora McSample Be Silly"

LK "Flora McSample 2012 Ornaments"

LK "Halloween Mystery Sampler"

LK "Hats off to Halloween 2"

As you can see I have a lot of decisions to make and I'm not sure which direction to take my stitching for the last part of the year.  Decisions, decisions!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

BBD Honeysuckle Pin Box

Blackbird Designs "Honeysuckle Pin Box" 
from Honeysuckle Manor
28ct. Mushroom Lugana
WDW Ivy & GAST Old Brick
Sewing Box Finish

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Might Bright Review

Hello Friends!

My Mighty Bright Magnifier/Lamp arrived 2 days ago but I wanted to get a good feel for it before I reviewed it.  My husband set it up for me in about 4 minutes, it was very easy to put together and everything was packaged well to protect all the parts.

You can use this light to help with just about everything.  I've tested it with my stitching, knitting, reading and puzzle books.

The magnification is large and crystal clear.  The adjustable arm allows it to be positioned in just about any way you can imagine!  It easily swings out of the way when you need to get up.

Nora Corbett "Violet"

The magnification is large and crystal clear.  The LED lights are bright and cool to the touch.  This is my view at 2 am with all the rest of the lights off in the house.  Perfectly lit stitching just like it's daytime!

This is easily my best purchase EVER!  Having a medical condition that is slowly affecting my eyesight is going to mean that this magnifier will become my best friend.  It makes stitching enjoyable again and makes it possible for me to see those holes on 32ct Lugana, which has always been my favorite fabric.

Now I can't wait to get back to Petal Fairy but more on that in a future post!

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Monday, May 11, 2015


Hello Friends!

Thanks for your feedback on the Magnifier, I purchased it from Amazon and it should be arriving tomorrow. I am excited and hopeful that it will help me enjoy cross stitching again. I've already got an OTT lite and it's just not enough to help me but I do have a medical condition that is affecting my eyesight gradually and I do need to get to my Eye Dr. for my bi-yearly check up soon.  I don't like to talk about personal stuff on my blog so if you'd like to know more please feel free to email me :)

I had a lovely Mother's Day, got treated to dinner out and then spent some time with my family plus I spent a lot of time this weekend finishing.  These two finishes were stitched by my Mum and I surprised her with them for Mother's Day.  It's been so long since I made flatfolds I had to think about it for a bit before I got started!  I really love finishing, I find it relaxing and rewarding but it takes A LOT of time :)

I've thought about offering a finishing service but to be honest I don't think I would be comfortable enough handling other people's work.  I'd be terrified to mess it up and to be honest I don't feel my work is "perfect" enough.

Top Left:  Prairie Schooler "Songs of the Season" OOP chart
Top Right:  Prairie Schooler "Woodland Santas"

Stitched on 32ct Mushroom Lugana
Recommended DMC

My Mum loves the bows on the sides of her flatfolds rather than the fabric at the bottom holding them together.  I love this design and want to stitch this one for myself, I'll finish it the exact same way as I feel these designs are created for the flatfold finish.

Stitched on 32ct Mushroom Lugana
Recommended DMC 

My Mum has now stitched all the designs from this book and I've made them all into flatfolds. I just love the Prairie Schooler Santas/Christmas designs.  I will have to stitch more of them for myself soon.

I've done 2 other finishes but will share those in another post.  I'll be adding this post to the Stitchery Link Party over at Super Mom No Cape.

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