Sunday, February 22, 2015

February Stitch from Stash Report & Smalls SAL

Hello Friends!

I'm combining both the stitch from stash and smalls report into this post.

Starting Balance 
$30 + $32 = $62.00
New Balance  

I use the current exchange rate at the beginning of each month to convert US dollars to Canadian Dollars.

Nora Corbett Designs "Coral Charms"
Mill Hill Beads #00423, #02033, #02003, #00252, #02031, #00165
Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid (Laser Lime)

I have always wanted to stitch a Mermaid but the larger Mirabilia Mermaids scare me, I'm not a big fan of Kreinik (only 1 in this design) but as soon as I saw this one I knew she was for me :)  Next up is deciding which fabric to stitch her on.  I ordered her when my Mum put in an order at and she only asked me for $20 so the rest I will classify as a gift :)  Thanks Mum :)

I also joined a FOTM club ( in mid January) with Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie (exempt from budget).  The fabric for February is a lovely Rose/Pink color but it hasn't arrived so I will share that in my next post, I am super excited about adding some hand dyed fabrics into my stash!

Stitching time has been very limited this month.  I've been super busy and with having to deal with another cold I went through a period of time where I just didn't pick up anything!  I wanted to finish Violet but that didn't happen, I haven't even touched Petal Fairy since Jan. 1st.

 Nora Corbett "Violet"
28ct Pearl Grey Lugana
Date Started:  July 23, 2014

I did manage to stitch up 2 smalls for the Smalls SAL this month.  They are not finished into ornaments yet but I hope to get that done next month.

Lizzie Kate Snow Bird 
Lizzie Kate Santa Knows 
Tiny Tidings XIX

My Mum has another finish for me to share, I think this is her sixth or seventh Nora finish to my one! Apparently this one took forever to bead :)

Nora Corbett "Geranium"
32ct White Lugana

I have been doing more knitting.  I knit up another 2 of the Outlander inspired Cowls for my Sister In Law and my Niece but I forgot to take pics!  I also changed the color of my yarn for my Lapghan challenge to this very pretty Blue that is looking more Grey in the picture above.  I quickly realized if I stuck with my original decision of the Purple/Yellow yarn that I would need to spend another $60-$80 but if I switched to a cheaper acrylic then the total cost for all yarn would only be $30.

It's a really good job this is not a knitting stash challenge, please don't ask me how much I spent this month on yarn ;)  At least all of it was on sale!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Outlander inspired finishes!

Hello Friends!

I know I promised you a stitching update but I was browsing on Ravelry (Sassenach Cowl), found this Outlander inspired Cowl and the rest is history!  Everything else was put down so I could knit one.

I went out that evening to buy some wool and the needles and this is my version :)  I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in "Sequoia", cast on 12 stitches on Size US 50 needles and knit 2 strands together for about 30 ridges in total.  To finish I tried the simple mobius twist and sewed it together with a blanket stitch using a crochet hook.

In fact, I loved it so much I knit another one!  This one was originally for my Daughter but she doesn't like the feeling of having it around her neck so I get to keep this one too.  For this one I used a Bernat Chunky wool in "Dark Green", cast on 14 stitches, 2 strands together, with the Size US 50 needles and knit for about 28 ridges.  I didn't do a mobius twist this time, I just sewed it together with a blanket stitch using the crochet hook.

I see more of these in my future!  I bought some more wool in a dark blue and some US 35 needles to try a different variation of the same pattern (Outlander pattern for Claire's Cowl).  Outlander was my favorite new TV show in 2014.  I am anxiously awaiting it's return on April 4th!  I haven't read the books but they are in my "to read" pile.

Next time I promise a stitching update!  I have finished my small for February and started another one. Violet is almost finished :)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Smalls SAL, First Knitted Finishes and Book Challenge Update

Hello Friends

I joined Stitching Lotus 2015 Smalls SAL in hopes of encouraging me to stitch an ornament each month for my tree.  I bought this chart in November from my LNS, it was pure joy to stitch!  As I was finishing I took pics of the steps and will be creating an Ornament Tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

CCN Snow Love
28ct Pearl Grey Lugana
DMC Floss as charted

My Mom has her first finish of 2015................

Nora Corbett "Daisy"
32ct White Lugana

Close up of the beads

Garter Stitch Scarf
Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn "Forest"
Size 6.5mm Needles
Approx Size 5w x 68h

I finally finished my hubby's scarf and he is very happy with it.  I'm just happy I'm finished with it!

Leisure Arts "Knit Dishcloths"
Left:  Annie's Choice  Right:  Split Nine Patch
Berocco Vintage "Aster"
Size 5mm Needles
Approx Size 7.5inches x 9.5 inches

I managed to knit a couple more blocks for my Lap Blanket challenge.  I have some yellow and white yarn that I will be using to knit more squares next month.

I finished 3 books this month for my 26 Books in 2015 Challenge.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (5 stars) #2 A Book Made Into A Movie
Left Neglected by Lisa Genova (3.5 stars) #1 A Book You Own But Haven't Read 
Love: Poems by Danielle Steel (1.5 stars) #15 A Book of Poems 

This was one of the challenges that worried me a lot as I am not a Poetry fan so I went with something super easy and it was one of the few Poetry books we had on our shelf at work ;)

My Flu bug turned into a nasty bout of Bronchitis which I am still recovering from!  I am still exhausted, everything I do is an effort but hopefully this is the end of it all.

I'll be back next month with a stitching update :)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Stitch from Stash

Hello Friends!

I decided to join the Stitch from Stash challenge this year because I need to put myself on a budget and hold myself accountable for what I am spending on craft stash :)  Not that I spend that much but one of my goals for the year was to get into a better place financially and I could use all the motivation I can get!

Stitch from Stash is hosted by Epic Stitching.  We each get a $25.00 per month budget to spend and have the opportunity to earn "extra" money by stitching from our stash. I won't be doing that part of this challenge as the goal is to save money not for me to spend more money.

Total Monthly Budget Spent for January:  $0

New Stash or (Temptations):

I have a few things that I added to my wishlist this month but I am taking the time to think if I really want them or not :)

The fabrics I am thinking of for Mirabilia "September Sapphire Fairy"

My dear friend Lesleyanne keeps trying to get me to turn to the "dark side" 
(aka Heaven & Earth Designs)

Tempting as it is, I can't imagine how difficult this would be to stitch and at 400w x 533h, the chart is a mere 44 pages and it only uses 86 DMC colors!  I imagine it would take me about 44 years to finish it! I admire anyone that stitches these designs and amazed at those that actually finish them! Are they for me?  Nope ;) But it is lovely, isn't it.

What I Stitched on in January:

Nora Corbett "Violet"
CCN "Snow Love" (picture coming next post)

New Starts From My Stash: 

CCN "Snow Love" which I purchased at my LNS in November.

Budget carried over to February:  $30.00 CDN

I will convert $25 US each month to the current CDN rate rounded to the nearest dollar ($30 for January) as I buy stash both online and at my local LNS. This is the fairest way for me to stay on track each month.

I will be finished with Violet soon and then will go back to work on Petal Fairy in February.  I will have fun digging through my stash for another ornament for the Smalls SAL in February.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Not the best start........

Hello Friends!

Well, it's not been the best start to 2015!  Just after New Year's Day I started to feel really tired, I got the stomach flu and then that set off a bout of Vertigo.  Not long after I got a sore throat which has turned into a really nasty case of the Flu!  This is the worst I have felt in years!  Now I have head congestion, chest congestion and if it's not gone soon I will have to go to the Doctors.

To top it off my Daughter is having some issues at School, my Husband's glasses broke and he finally got his results from the MRI/CT scan for the back pain.  He will now have to see a Neurosurgeon as the CT scan has shown something else on top of the Arachnoiditis.  Hopefully it is nothing too serious.

But you came here to see some stitching right?  The only good thing to come out of me being sick is that I am stitching & knitting & reading while watching some movies :)  I am trying to rest as much as possible, only because I have no other choice :)

So I picked Violet back up and here she is................

The whole bottom of her dress is done, the blank parts are for the beads.  I'm almost done!  I'm going to stick with her now until she is finished, then I'll go back to Petal Fairy.

I am knitting too, I've nicknamed this the "world's most boring scarf ever"............

But my husband loves it and that is what matters.  I can't wait to get it done and get back to my Lap Blanket squares.

I've watched a slew of good movies.  I can recommend The Hundred-Foot Journey, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and I really enjoyed Petals on the Wind.  It's been forever since I read that VC Andrews series that I would love to go back and re-read them!

I started my 26 Books in 2015 challenge with Memoirs of a Geisha which will be # 2 A Book Made Into a Movie.  It's also our Book Club read for this month and it is one of the most amazing books I have ever read!  I am about 75% through it.

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon and I will be back to share my first Happy dances of 2015 :)  I did already finish a project but want to wait for the Smalls SAL to share that one.

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